Class 3

Welcome to Class 3

Class 3 is made up of Y2 children on a morning and Y2 and Y3 children on an afternoon. Class 3 is taught by Mrs Harrison on Mondays and Tuesdays and by Mrs Hodgson on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Our class is a transition between KS1 and KS2 and we enjoy working hard to become more independent learners.

Mrs Hodgson and Mrs Harrison are joined in Class 3 by Mrs Horton every morning and on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and by Mrs Green on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Our Geography topic for the Spring Term focuses on the UK, where we will learn about its key cities, mountains, rivers and coastlines. We will also be learning about the water cycle. This topic will inspire our work in English, Art and Computing.

We will be exploring the following enquiry questions, balancing learning new Geographical skills with acquiring new knowledge:

Can I mark different locations on a map of the UK?

Can I share facts about the 10 biggest cities in the UK?

How is England split up? What are counties?

What are the highest mounatains in the UK?

Which are the longest, shortest and deepest UK rivers?

Can I explain the journey of a river?

Can I take part in fieldwork?

Can I explain the water cycle?

What are the features of a coastline?

How can we protect the coastline?

Can I research and compare coastal towns?


Things you need to know:

  • Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday. Please keep your PE kit in school at all times.
  • New spellings are given out on a Friday (in our yellow spelling books) and are tested on the following Friday. Please make sure that spellings are written out at least 3 times in the yellow spelling books.
  • Brain Builder homework is given out on a Friday to be returned the following Friday.
  • Rapid Recall Facts are tested twice a week.

Just a reminder...
Please make sure the following are in school every day:

  • Waterbottles
  • Reading books
  • Home-school diaries
  • PE kits
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