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"The behaviour of pupils is good, as is their attitude to learning. Pupils are kind and considerate….Children in the early years make outstanding progress...Teachers and other adults plan very imaginative activities which help the children develop both socially and academically…The school knows the pupils as individuals, and programmes to help those with special educational needs or disability are strong….Leaders place a high priority on developing pupils' good cultural awareness, and their understanding of what it is to be British….The curriculum is characterised by a strong focus on developing cultural awareness, and developing well-rounded citizens." Ofsted 2016

Bentham Community Primary School is a happy, healthy and very effective place to learn.

We are a ‘learning family’. We model good behaviour, encourage everyone to support each other in caring ways and learn to work hard.

At Bentham Community Primary School everyone believes that we should enjoy our education.

Everyone believes that reading, writing and mathematics are the core of our learning. We are also taught how to learn. If you get something wrong you have another go!

There are four very important words that mean a lot to everyone at school these are: 'Achievement', 'Respect', 'Global' and 'Heritage'.

Mrs Pearson, our Headteacher, and the school staff want you to know that Bentham Community Primary School pupils are happy, positive and active citizens of the school. They grow up to be happy, positive and active world citizens.

If any parent requires a paper copy of any of the information on this website, then please contact Sally Johnson in the school office and this can be provided free of charge.  Information can also be provided in a different language, braille or large print, if required.


Latest News

Class 5 have enjoyed an afternoon in our garden without a drop of rain in sight! Having learnt about rationing and the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign, launched by the government during WW2, Class 5 donned their wellies and enjoyed an afternoon outside. We had a go at planting some seasonal ... Read more

Amazing writing by amazing writers: Casper, Henry, Josh and Alisha. Read more

Here are some of our Year 5's taking part in this years bikeability training. Read more

Here are some of our Year 5's taking part in this years bikeability training. Read more

Amazing writing by Jack, Molly and Freya! Read more

As part of our science unit we are investigating and comparing animals. There was great excitment in the classroom as we kick started our topic by disecting a Seabass and White Bait fish. We found our that fish have a spine, lots of teeth, gills and fins. Read more

EYFS and KS1 have had a fantastic day working in our outside areas. After reading the story of The Gruffalo, we built a house for him to live in and used cm and m to measure exactly how tall he was. We even found some myerterious bones on the field! Read more

KS2 had a fantastic day on Friday 3rd November where they spent the day learning outside of the classroom. One of the activities was to create artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. They had to think about which natural materials to use and how to use lines and shapes. ... Read more

This week's amazing writers... Eddie and Tom in class 4! Read more

We have had a fantastic day at Skipton Castle! In the morning we explored the castle with our guide, where we saw the Long Drop toilet, kitchens and dungeons! After eating our dinner we went to explore further and draw sketches of our favourite part of the castle. Read more

Inspired by our visit to Skipton Castle, we have been making our own natural toilet roll using moss and wool! We have also been building models of medieval castles and writing sentences to describe them. Some children searched for images of 'Long drop toilets' before copying and pasting them into ... Read more

On Monday, Class 4 decided to put together a special celebration assembly to showcase all of the wonderful work they have been doing over the Autumn Term. This term, we have been studying World War II in our Topic lessons and we were able to share some of our learning ... Read more

On Thursday, children in Classes 4 and 5 arrived at school with a mixture of nerves and excitement running around their tummies. Over the Autumn term we have been studying the events of World War II and the effects these had on the children of Britain. We started the day ... Read more

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