Class 3

Welcome to Class 3

Class 3 is taught by Mrs Hodgson and is made up of Y2 and Y3 children. Our class is a transition between KS1 and KS2 and we enjoy working hard to become more independent learners. 

Mrs Hodgson is joined in Class 3 by Mrs Horton every morning and Mrs Reid on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon.

Our topic for the Autumn term is Ancient Egypt. This is a fabulous topic and will inspire our work in English, Geography, History, Art, DT and PE.

We will be exploring the following enquiry questions:
Where is Egypt in the world? What is it like to live there?
When was Ancient Egypt?
Why was the river Nile so important to Ancient Egypt?
What jobs did people have in Ancient Egypt?
Who was Tutankhamen? What can we learn from the discovery of his tomb?
What did the Ancient Egyptians believe in? What was mummification?
What were hieroglyphics?

In Art we will be exploring how to create hieroglyphics uisng print making and in DT we will be learning how to create and strengthen structures. 

On Wednesday afternoons Class 3 will be doing Science. Children in Y3 will be learning about forces followed by light with Mrs Hodgson while children in Y2 will be learning about animals, including humans with Miss Richardson.

Things you need to know:

  • Our PE days are on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon. 
  • Spellings are given on a Monday and are tested on a Friday.
  • Brain Builders is given out on a Friday to be returned the following Friday.
  • Rapid Recall Facts are tested twice a week.

Just a reminder...
Please make sure the following are in school every day:

  • Waterbottles
  • Reading books
  • Home-school diaries
  • Spelling books
  • PE kits