Class 4

Welcome To Class 4!

Class 4 is taught by Miss Hayward on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and by Mrs McGregor on Thursdays and Fridays. Class 4 are extremely lucky to be joined by Mrs Askew, Miss Harrison, Miss Mulligan, Mrs Reid, Miss Tierney throughout the week. Class 4 is made up of children from both Year 4 and Year 5. 


What Will We Be Learning? 

Topic - Our topic this term focuses on Geography. We will be studying rivers, coasts and the water cycle. Our topic will inspire our work across the curriculum. In art for example, we will be studying the work of Tracy Savage, an artist based in Scarborough who takes inspiration from the North Yorkshire countryside and coastline. 

English - Our English with Miss Hayward will be based around the poem 'Flannan Isle' by Wilfred Wilson Gibson. The poem is based on a series of real and very mysterious events that took place in the early 1900's at the Flannan Isle Lighthouse, off the west coast of Scotland. We will study the poem and learn more about the fate of the missing lighthouse keepers…

Maths - This term, we will be moving onto multiplication and division, statistics and measurement. We will also spend lots of time working on our times tables in preparation for the Multiplication Tables Check in the summer term.

Science - Our focus for the first half term will be ‘Sound’. We will explore what sound is, how it is made and how it travels. Our focus for the second half term will be ‘Materials’. We explore solids, liquids and gases and how materials can change state. This will include looking at the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle, part of our topic this term.  


Things You Need To Know:

- Class 4 go swimming on Monday afternoons. We have a normal PE lesson on Friday afternoons.

- Spellings are given out every Friday (in our yellow spelling books) and are tested the following Friday.

- Brainbuilders are given out every Friday (in our yellow Brainbuilder books) to be returned the following Friday.

- We do Rapid Recall Facts twice a week and TT Rockstars three times a week. 

- Class 4 will continue to use the Accelerated Reader Scheme. We pick a book from our extensive collection and take it home to read. Once read, we complete a quiz which helps us with our comprehension and helps us pick our next book.

- Class 4 have online access to both TT Rockstars and Reading Plus. TT Rockstars is a website that helps us develop our times tables knowledge. There are opportunities to practice independently and compete against our friends. Reading Plus is a website that helps us develop our fluency, comprehension and speed in reading. The website has a range of non-fiction texts for us to read then complete quizzes on. There are also challenges to help develop our vocabulary and reading speed. 


Just A Reminder:

Please make sure the following are in school every day:

  • Water bottles
  • Book bags
  • Reading books
  • Homework diaries 


We hope that the above information is useful. If you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch or pop in for a chat.

Class 4 are a fabulous group of children and we are very excited for the year to come! 


Miss Hayward and Mrs McGregor