Class 2

                                                                                        Welcome to Class Two! 

We have both Year One and Year Two children in our class. Our class teacher is Miss Richardson, who is also the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One Lead teacher. We are very fortunate to be supported by our wonderful assistants Mrs Nelson, Miss Mulligan and Mrs Green.

This term our topic is ‘The Stone Age!’

Each day the children will take part in Maths, Writing and Reading lessons and where relevant, links will be made to our topic.

Maths – We follow the White Rose Maths scheme of learning at Bentham Community Primary School. We will start by exploring the place value of 2 digit numbers then just before half term we will use this knowledge to explore addition and subtraction problems. Later on in the term, we will become Multiplication Masters and Division Divas!

Writing Lessons - Our writing lessons will be mainly inspired by texts linked to our topic, The Stone Age. We will start by exploring the genre of instruction writing and look at many examples of these published texts. Miss Richardson's favourite set of instructions is in the book called: How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth!

Phonics & Spellings- Each day the children will take part in a fast paced, active phonics lesson. We will begin by recapping our learning from the previous academic year and then move onto blending and segmenting words containing new sounds. Each Friday the children will take part in a spelling quiz. The words will contain a sound or spelling rule that the children have learnt the week before. 

Reading Lessons- Each day your child will take part in a Whole Class Reading lesson and a Guided Reading lesson. The guided sessions are an opportunity for small groups of children to read a phonetically decodable book to an adult or with their peers, with the aim of developing their reading fluency. The Whole Class Reading lessons on the other hand are where all the boys and girls study the same text, either by reading small parts themselves or by hearing it read aloud during a story time. These sessions will focus upon the teaching of comprehension strategies so we gain a greater understanding of what we are reading. 

Science- Our topic this term is Humans and Animals. We will spend the first half term exploring the human body and in particular learning about how we can stay fit and healthy. We will then move on to explore and group different types of animals. As Scientists we will need to observe our experiments very closely, compare how things change over time and as the year goes on we will record our results more readily.

History – We will be launching our topic on The Stone Age by carving our own flints and spear heads! (Don’t worry, we will be carving soap… not stone). We will use pictures, information books and cave drawings to find out about daily life during The Stone Age.

Art – We will be using chalk and pastels to create our own drawings, just like those found on the inside of Stone Age caves.

PE & Forest School – Children must come to school dressed in their PE kit every Thursday. They do not need a school uniform to change into as they will stay in their sporty clothes all day. In the morning we will be getting out our hockey sticks and developing ball skills and team tactics! Following Government guidance regarding Covid-19, PE will be outside as much and as often as possible. Please and I do stress this, ensure your child wears the following items during the colder months ahead:


                                                                                                        Jogging bottoms

                                                                                                    Warm jumper or fleece


On Thursday afternoons, the children will join Mrs McGregor in the Wildlife Garden for Forest School activities. From den building and camp fires to orienteering and animal hunting, each lesson will be a hands on, practical experience for the children.

Do keep checking our class page, as it will be regularly updated with information and photos!