Class 2

                                                                                                            Welcome to Class Two! 

We have both Year One and Reception children in our class. Our class teacher is Miss Richardson, who is also the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One Lead teacher. We are very fortunate to be supported by our wonderful assistants Mrs Askew, Mrs Nelson and Mrs Green.

Each half term we have a main topic that is the focus of our activities. From this central theme we plan a range of activities that cover the areas of learning in EYFS and that meet the National Curriculum requirements for children in Year One. We always incorporate the children’s particular interests and enthusiasms into our planning as we go! Learning in Reception and Year One occurs through practical activities with continued free-flow access to the indoor and outdoor continuous provision being an important part of our school day. All our activities and adventures are underpinned by the Characteristics of Effective Learning. Our aim is to develop childrens' indepedence, curiosity and resilience.This half term our main topic is titled ‘All Creatures Great and Small.'

English & Phonics- Our work will be inspired by stories such as ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ and ‘Spinderella’. From writing our own onomatopoeia poems to creating an information book about how to care for a variety of animals, there will be lots of opportunities to develop our writing stamina this half term.

MathsWe will be doing lots of counting this half term, including counting in skips of two, five and ten. We will also make symmetrical patterns, create graphs and measure the length of snail trails!

Science– Materials & Their Properties: We will continue to explore the properties of different materials this half term. From objects that float and sink to those that melt, we will be conducting lots of practical (and messy!) experiments.

Art & Design - We will be focusing upon textiles this half term, including sewing and printing on fabrics.

PE- Our PE sessions this half term are on a Wednesday and Thursday. Your child will need both their indoor and outdoor PE kit in school (shorts, t-shirt, pumps and jogging bottoms and jacket). Please make sure your child also has trainers with them. We will be developing our gymnastic skills this half term.

                     What do I need to bring to school with me?

  • Outdoor learning - In Class Two, we go outside whatever the weather! While weather is still cold and wet please make sure your child brings a warm and waterproof coat to school with them.
  • Book Bag - Please bring your book bag into school everyday. Any important letters will be sent home in here, along with any beautiful artwork created!
  • Waterbottle - Although we do have water fountains in school, your child is more than welcome to bring a named water bottle with them to keep in the classroom.
  • Reading Books & Records - Just like children would in a library, once they have read their reading book several times at home, they can bring it back into school and change it independently. The books are colour banded, with each colour denoting an increase in difficulty. I must stress the importance and benefits for children when they re-read the same book several times. It builds reading fluency, confidence and allows for greater comprehension. 
  • Brainbuilder Homework Book - There are always several different choices to choose from but all are connected to a piece of learning carried out in school that week. They are often talk based and practical activities. The homework book is sent home each Friday and should be returned by the following Friday. The children will get time each week to present their learning and share it with their friends!
  • Year One Spelling Book - Each Friday children in Year One will recieve a list of new spellings to learn in preperation for a quiz the following Friday. The words chosen are based around the phonetical sound learnt in that week's phonics lessons.

What a busy first half-term we have ahead of us! Please keep checking this page regularly for new information and photos of our learning journey.

If you would like to share your child's home adventures and learning with us, please use the school email address to share photos or the Wow Moment slips in the classroom. 

Miss Richardson