Vision and Values


Following a consultation process with various members of our school and wider community, we have created a new Vision and Values.  This is currently in draft and comments and suggestions are welcome.



                                                            ‘A proud family helping each other to grow.’


We celebrate together

                                                  Great friends and family.

                      With others, we Reach for success,

                             celebrating Our traditions and community

                         with what the World has to offer.

What this means:

Bentham Community Primary School is a proud family of children, staff, parents, governors and friends who all share a commitment to these values, as we help each other to grow.

Lasting and healthy friendships are important to us and are encouraged throughout the school. We celebrate that every child has a unique contribution to make, and know that carefully woven together, this makes the school grow even stronger. That’s why we will encourage and recognise the aspirations and achievements of everyone.  

We recognise the importance of our communities and the environment around us in supporting our children, and celebrate the history and traditions of our community life.  We recognise the importance of families.  The care we give to the children is extended further, to the whole family.

We want to learn about the wider world with its variety of culture, traditions, faiths and backgrounds, confident that this will benefit and excite our children.

The school aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of these values.

Bentham Community Primary School embraces its vision and values which will be at the heart of everything we do in and outside school. The children, together with staff, families governors and friends, are asked to consider what our values mean in terms of their everyday actions and in the life-long influence we seek to give.