Year 5 Residential Day 2 and 3

We didn't have time to post any news or photos yesterday but here's an update on life at Bewerley Park in the last two days.

All children had a scramble and explore at Brimham Rocks yesterday and I am sure all the children will want to take you there to show you the many places they crawled through, jumped over and climbed up! The many impressive rock formations amazed the children and we all had a super time. Both groups enjoyed a picnic lunch together. One group walked to Brimham Rocks in the morning, whilst the other group walked back. A beautiful wander through Nidderdale Countryside. 

Last night we were all very tired after a very busy day so we enjoyed some time in the games room where money was spent in the tuck shop, pool was played and also a bit of table tennis.

After supper, everyone went to bed and slept soundly from 10pm to 7.30am.  Miss Thwaite enjoyed waking a few children up this morning!

Today has been all about water and heights, one group went canoeing on the dam, whilst the other group enjoyed the jumps and slides in the ghyll. Some children embraced the chilly water whilst others were a little more cautious.

All children have tackled the leap of faith today. Climbing up a big pole and then taking a leap! We have photographic and even film evidence for some. Lots of children overcoming their fears, pushing themselves further than they ever thought and smiling all the way. 

Tonight we have had burgers for tea, a choice of three different types. As I type the boys are tidying their dormitory and starting to pack.

Here's a few photos for you to look at...

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