We're going on a Bear Hunt!

The children in nursery have been looking at the story 'We're going on a bear hunt' for National Storytelling Week!


We read the story lots of times and we learned about who the characters are, what the settings are and we also practised retelling the story using the sounds. The children made some art for our display using real grass and mud! They also practised their writing with the repeated phrases in the book. Most of the children can join in with almost every word of the story now! We also watched the author 'Michael Rosen' retell the story in a video. 


Do you have this book at home? Could your child read your it by looking at the pictures? Maybe you could ask them about:

  • The settings
  • The sounds
  • The characters
  • The main events
  • How the story ends
  • Why the bear feels sad