Roald Dahl's Revolting Science

Last Thursday, we celebrated World Book day with a Roald Dahl theme. This year, all the classrooms focussed on a different Roald Dahl book with a few fun filled activities for the children to do. Miss Thwaite's favourite Roald Dahl book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, therefore in Class 3 there were lots of sweetie themed Science experiements for the children to try. We were trying to find out; which type of chocolate melted the fastest? what effect water had on skittles? which chocolates floated and sank? what effect does water have on an M&M? how could we classify and group different sweets? and the childrens firm favourite ... can we blow up a balloon using Willy Wonka's nerds? 

We had an amazing day and the children loved getting messy with their Science! The 1 golden rule of the day 'do not eat the Science' ... maybe that one had to be broken, just for the day!

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