RE Focus day- Easter journey

Thursday the 23rd of March was another fantastic day at Bentham Community Primary School. We held an RE (Religious Education) focus day where we looked in detail at the Christian story of Easter.

This story was delivered in many guises and by many enthusiastic people from our local and not so local area. It was a very different day for the children but I’m sure a day that will stick in their minds for a while.

The school children were split into KS1 and KS2 and then divided up into three groups across those year groups. The children then spent the day on a carousel of different activities that gave a slightly different perspective on the story and journey of Jesus at Easter.

Peter Thomas from ‘Craven Schools Partnership’ came along and gave his wealth of experience and knowledge. He ran an interactive session for KS2 all about the footsteps of Jesus and used different colourful pictures of Jesus to help the children reflect and then discuss certain aspects of the Easter story. Peter also led us in a collective worship at the end of the day where the children shared all the different activities and their experiences of the day with the whole school. If you would like to find out more about Peter please use this link,

Mrs Askew led a fun session in KS2 that involved her artistic talent. Mrs Askew helped all of the KS2 children to produce a print using acrylic and stamping their print onto some material. The children discussed what Easter designs they could use and why those design were symbols of Easter. These designs will be put on display in school.

Reverend Christopher Murphy who happens to be my brother (Mrs McGregor) made a special trip from his church on the Wirral to come and take part in the day. Chris led a session on the story of Easter from the different perspectives of the characters in the story. The children thought about how Mary Jesus’ mother would have felt, how his friend Peter felt and how Judas who betrayed Jesus felt. They then produced some fantastic imaginative writing about how these people felt or how they would have felt.

Reverend Anne Russell the team rector for Ingleborough area, also known as Micah’s Mum, led a Drama session for KS2. The children read a modernised script of the Easter story in the form of a news story where there was a lot of waving of palm trees and a donkey costume.

KS1 did not miss out they had the Easter story delivered to them from Paul Curwen the balloon man. He made a large tomb out of balloons so big the children could stand in and a balloon donkey along with various other balloon paraphernalia linked to the Easter story. The children loved the dramatic effect of the balloons and the way the balloons added to the re-telling of the Easter story.

Mrs Yardy who I’m sure you have all met in her various roles around Bentham and school created a massive Easter egg with stained glass windows cut into it. This is displayed in KS1 and you can see if you can recognise what part of the Easter story the pictures are.

We also had the delightful Emily Lawson who some of you may know as Emily Thornton who previously worked for niscu. Emily willingly gave up her time and decorated cross shaped biscuits and shared the Easter story with the children. I have to say there were some very carefully thought out and decorated biscuits on display through the day.

The KS1 children loved their time with Michelle Hodgson (Amy Jane’s Mum, who went to Settle College last year). They all made brilliantly colourful sock puppets that all took part in a fabulous and musical puppet show. The children were transfixed by the puppet show and loved taking part in the songs.

I hope that the next time you come into school you’ll be able to come and look in wonder at our collaborative piece of art work that everybody in school was part of on RE day and maybe you’ll recognise a handprint.

I have to say one huge ‘THANK YOU’ to all the people that came and took part in our RE focus day they came and shared their talent and expertise with the lucky children of Bentham and enhanced their education and understanding of Christianity and RE.

Mrs McGregor