The Big Dig

‘Big Dig’


‘Thank you’ to all the people that came along and got involved and supported ‘The big dig’ on Saturday 11th March. We had a great turn out from children, parents, grandparents and staff throughout the day. This all helped create a real buzz and atmosphere on the day with everybody digging deep, ‘literally’.

It has been fantastic to finally get our outdoor project underway and hopefully over the next few terms we will see the patches of land outside school change before our eyes.

We had a keen group of people who dug for most of the day, unfortunately the land was not the easiest with many stones and rocks being uncovered along the way but everyone persevered. It is all beginning to take shape, we have the start of the fire pit area with wooden seating in the top corner, we just need to add woodchip. We also had a few children helping to plant trees in the middle and we’ll be adding some more trees very soon. You’ll also be able to see the start of the bog area being defined with the gravel making it more of a feature. There is also a pile of earth that we’ll be using to add definition to the land.

Sarah DeNurtcheylo who we’ve been working with from ‘Nature house’ was there to delegate tasks on the day and designate the jobs, she also shared her plans of the groundwork with all that made it to the day. There is a copy of these plans on view in reception if you would like to have a look.

Children had the opportunity to get dirty and play in the mud. We had children on worm patrol making sure they were moved to a safe place. The children enjoyed taking part and doing exactly the same job as parents and adults digging and moving soil. It was very exciting to see the children problem solving and working out how to move the big logs around and get them to the right place, in the end the had great fun rolling them up the hill. Mr White and his right hand Tom Mouncey were kept busy making the log seating, Tom made sure they were placed correctly according to the plan, fantastic work Tom. A big ‘thank you’ to all staff who helped make, provide and serve refreshments throughout the day. Keeping everybody going and adding a real sense of community to our day, as we did get a few chances to catch our breath and stop and chat about the project!

I will just take this opportunity to remind everybody about our second ‘big dig’ day on Monday 27th March from 11am -3pm where we will be providing refreshments again. This project cannot be completed without the help and support of the wider Bentham Community Primary School, community! I would love to see the same faces and new faces at the next ‘big dig’ day as we make an impact on the land and school environment for the children. Let grandparents and collegues know and see if this is something they’d be keen to get involved in.

So everyone is aware all of the land at the side of school has been sectioned off and allocated to different uses as seen on the plan but the whole project will not be completely finished by the end of the 12 months as money from the lottery fund has already been designated to the initial development of the patch of land and initial forest schools sessions being run by Sarah in school, where children and teachers will be given an insight into Forest Schools. Some of our more ambitions elements will have to be added at a later date when we hopefully raise more funds such as a permanent shelter and pond with a grate. We are also in the beginning stages of developing the front patch of land in school to encorporate a ‘food garden’ as part of our wider on going ‘Outdoor project.’ Look out for more developments and opportunities to get involved in this project.

Finally a huge ‘thank you’ to everybody who has already taken part by coming to our ‘big dig’ or providing donations and support.


Please come and see me if you’d like to get involved.

Mrs McGregor.