Bentham Community Outdoor Project

Our vision is big; we would like to develop our outside areas so that they are more accessible to the children and community. Our hope is to create a space that will engage all types of people in the community and encourage learning from the outdoor environment for our children. You will probably have seen some areas at the front of school that are yet to be developed; here are some of our hopes for that space and other areas around school.

* To have a seating area for story time and quiet time for all.

* To have a pond to encourage pond life and learning.

* To have a fire pit for outdoor cooking.

* To have an herbal/medicinal garden.

* To have a vegetable patch and fruit trees and use their produce.

* To create some shade and shelter for children during playtime.

*  To build a greenhouse out of recycled plastic bottles.

* To set up Forest schools. 

We now have funding from The Nationa Lottery ‘Awards for all’ to get the project off the ground, so we can begin to develop the outside areas particularly at the front of the school building. But, this project cannot be completed without the input and support of the local people and business’. Especially as we want to see this as a long term sustainable project that creates and develops links with the local community and school. 

Thank you to those who have donated towards the project so far. We will update you with how donations are used within the project as plans are finalised.

We are working with Sarah Denurtcheylo from Nature House who is managing the project and we have two community days coming up to get the ball rolling...

Saturday 11th March 11:00-1500

Monday 27th March 11:00-15:00

It's a family day for all to come along, stay for the day or just bob in for an hour and help us to get our project started. If you can come along, please bring along a spade/other gardening tools to help. 

We are looking to use the site for Forest School sessions within school in the Summer term. 


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