Williamson Park

Year 5 and 6 took a trip to Williamson Park in Lancaster on Thursday 3rd November for the day.  They were very lucky to have such fantastic weather, even if it was a little chilly.  Not to be deterred, the children split into small groups and equipped with a map and clear instructions, they were off exploring the park and finding orienteering markers.  Paths were followed, trees were ran round and ponds were admired from afar.  Soon a winning team made it 'home' with all markers found.  It was lovely for the teachers to hear such fanstastic comments from members of the public in the park commenting on our children's behaviour and how well they were all working together.  Following lunch in the memorial building we set off to explore the Butterfly House.  The meerkats proved a hit as did the warmth of the butterfly house.  A fantastic day combining sport and science.