KS2 Class Trips to Colt Park

Not one, not two but three trips this week.  All three classes have enjoyed a History themed trip to Colt Park to explore a Viking style settlement at Gauber.  Organised and ran by Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust, the children each spent a day under the shadow of Ingleborough as they became archeologists for the day, measuring remains of a Viking style settlement, finding and recording artefacts and making sensible guesses as to what the settlement would have looked like years and years ago.  A short walk to Colt Park and lunch could be eaten before a carousel of activities began.  Arrowhead making, weaving and wool making, dressing up and fence building enabled the children to take part in some traditional Viking activities as well as exploring further what life was like in Viking times.  Pop into school and look at the photographic displays in Class 3, 4 and 5 to see more pictures of the trips.  The school are very grateful to Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust for providing a wonderful hands on and practical experience for the children.

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