Learning at Bentham CP School

We are really pleased with the progress our son has made.  He enjoys school and has made some lovely friends.  We are appreciative of the support and attention he has had integrating into school.

At Bentham Community Primary School, our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 & 2 and the Early Years framework in Nursery and Reception. 

Our rigorous, well planned curriculum combined with high quality teaching ensures that children are supported to be well rounded, empathetic young people who have a genuine thirst for learning. Children develop a strong sense of moral purpose in addition to a respect for and understanding of people.

The curriculum is all the planned activities that we as a school organise in order to promote learning, personal growth and development. It includes, not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but also the range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities that the school organises in order to enrich the experiences of our children. It also includes the ‘hidden curriculum’, or what the children learn from the way they are treated and expected to behave. We aim to teach children how to grow into positive, responsible people, who can work and co-operate with others, whilst developing knowledge, skills and attitudes to learning, in order that they achieve their true potential.



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